Round 76 GAS LEAK!

An accident near the Bay Bridge yesterday caused a terrible natural gas leak, casing all businesses in the area to be shut down this morning (and as I write this, into the afternoon) Add this disaster to the fact that our dog Gracey has worms,and what you’ve got is an opportunity for me to hitch a ride to work!!!

Let me explain.  Lindsay works near the bay bridge, so she’s got the day off, and she had to visit the vet this morning for some medication, so I tossed my bike and the gear in the back, and hitched a ride.  As I’ve done in the past, I’m awarding myself the point, because while I didn’t ride my bike, I didn’t drive either.  Take THAT Global Warming.

I’ve decided that once a week I’m going to post an updated photo of my “Change Jar” to illustrate the progress.  Hopefully it’ll be some added motivation for me to keep putting all my change in there, and to keep my paws out.

Dave: 76

Global Warming: 0

Lindsay works in the area.  I’m no sucker, and see an opportunity when it slaps me in the face.


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