Rounds 73 and 74

2 more days, 2 more wins for team “Earth”  It was dry the last 2 days, but much cooler in the morning.  One nice thing about the rain:  it’s always warmer than when it’s clear.

Lately I’ve been complaining about how my bike isn’t working as well as it should, and how I’m struggling a bit with it to get to and from work.  Today I stopped at North Park Bike Shop to put air in my back tire because I thought it might make a “small” difference.  It made a HUGE difference.  I need to learn more about proper tire pressure.  I also greased the chain before I left the house, and the journey was better all around.

On Jeremy’s advice, I’ve been putting all my change in a jar on my dresser, to save for a new bike.  I know I won’t have the $900 I want for a new bike, but I plan to have a nice down payment when my year is up.  The challenge now will be to keep my grubby hands out of the jar.

Dave: 74

Global Warming: 0


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