Round 71, “Ed Hardy Guy” feels sorry for me

It was raining “cats and dogs” this morning at 7:45 am.  Talk about the wrong way to go back to work after the holidays!  Maybe it’s just me, always positive and optimistic, but it was fun to fight the elements on a day when it would have been easier to feel sorry for myself and give up.  I made it in to work, mostly dry, and feeling as flush as ever after my morning cycle.

On days like today, motorists pay special attention to cyclists.  That’s not to say that they’re sharing the road more,  or waving “good morning” as we pass one another, it’s more like they look at us as if we’re wild animals that they don’t understand.  Here’s what I mean:  If I went to a Zoo, and saw a hippopotamus sitting in a mud hole, in the rain, on a day barely above zero, and he had a SMILE on his face…I’m sure my facial expression would be somewhere between confusion and pity. It would look a lot like the facial expression on “Ed Hardy Guy” whom I shared a ‘moment’ with this morning.

Stopped at a red light, and being pounded with rain, “Ed Hardy Guy” pulled up in the lane beside me in his, get this, Mustang, and gave me a look that I will never forget.  It was like his eyes and facial expression were saying: “what is wrong with you?  why don’t you get a better job, start tanning, use more gel, and buy a car?  WHY would you do that to yourself?”  I’m sure his confusion was only stoked by the smile on my face. I’m sure he thought I was out on a day pass or something.

Dave: 71

Global Warming: 0

Ed Hardy Guy:  0


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