*insert ‘Ring Girl’ here*

The time between rounds of a fight.  What is that time called?  In hockey it’s “intermission” in baseball it’s…”inning change?”

I’ve been treating the last week or so as the time between rounds.  The schedule at work has been all over the place, so I’ve been getting rides to work.  I haven’t driven to work, to my credit, but I haven’t rode to work in the last week either…so no points will be awarded.  Things return to normal Monday, and I’ll be back on the bike.

Speaking of my bike.  The more I ride it, the more I’m confident it’s not going to make it the rest of the year.  The brake pads are almost gone, the front wheel is bent, and the chain/gears are *clicking* and “rubbing” more and more everyday.  I’ll have to take it in for a tune up next month, but even at her best, the Prairie Bullet is a 3 dressed up as a 9.

I’m trying to think of a creative, and Green way to save for a new bike, and raise awareness for the cause at the same time.  I need a really good idea, or 4, to make it happen.


2 responses to “*insert ‘Ring Girl’ here*

  1. okee, how about this… recycling! you drive around on your bike with one of those little trailers and root through people’s recycling bins for all the valuable recyclables and presto bingo bango, new bike!

    • MY time has a low value Jeremy, but it’s slightly above rooting through garbage bins looking for recycling. I figure I’m at the level where I can straight up beg for change on the street.

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