Rounds 65, 66, 67

I AM getting lazy.  It’s the start of a new week, and I realized I haven’t blogged since last Tuesday!  Thankfully I’m only getting lazy when it comes to writing about riding my bike, and not the actual bike riding part.

I only rode “one-way” most of last week.  Lindsay picked me (and the bike) up at work, because my days have been so long, and she’s been out in the early evening on Christmas related errands.   It’s the ride home that I could do without, even though it’s mostly downhill.  The ride in the morning is the best.  Even on days like today, when I left the house at 4:20 am.  Getting my blood pumping clears my head, and I feel instantly productive when I get to work.  Exercise has a significant psychological impact on me.

Last night, returning from the ferry with my father, he went into serious “dad-mode” every time we passed a cyclist without proper lights, or safety gear.  “That guy is going to KILL himself, WHERE are his lights??”  “No Helmet?  What is wrong with her?”  so on, and so on.  I thought he was going to pull over the car to offer all the inadequacy dressed cyclists rides home.

Dave: 67

Global Warming: 0


One response to “Rounds 65, 66, 67

  1. fuck, that would be a funny video!

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