round 62, asleep at the switch?

It looks like Global Warming may have snuck out a win.  Here’s the thing; I’ve got a lot of work to do today (already with the excuses, huh?) so last night I decided to ask Lindsay for a ride to work.  I got here at 7:00 am, because I’m so swamped  Would you call that a win for Global Warming? I didn’t ride my bike, but technically I didn’t drive either, I rode.  If my 365 day battle with Global Warming was a squash match, today’s round would be called  a “let.”  That means that neither of us gets the point this round, and we “do it over again”

What do you think?


8 responses to “round 62, asleep at the switch?

  1. I’d give it a let.

    The 365 days, while doable, is ambitious. I think that carpooling (as it were) is totally legit, because you’re still not driving to work (even if you did do the driving, as long as she took it to a further destination). Probably if I was doing the challenge I’d set up something like 10 flex days for things like this, stupid extreme weather, or sickness. But it’s not my contest.

    • I like the idea of “flex” days. But at the same time, I want to win outright. I’m calling it a victory, and promising not to let it happen again.

  2. A let indeed. Remember carpooling, while not perfect, is better than driving yourself.

    • The best part, Lindsay and I were late, so she booted me out 2 blocks from work, so she could be on time. So, technically, I also WALKED part of the way!

  3. I agree with Dylan. Car pooling is a one up for you. If everyone who drove with two people in the car here in McMurray instead of being the only person in the car, Do you know how much faster your brother could get to work? How much more parking there would be at the mall during this holiday season? Of course, I commend you for your efforts as I would not be caught dead on a bike today when it is -51 degrees Celius with the wind chill.

    • Thanks, Darlene. I’ll chalk this one up as a victory. Isn’t it a law in Fort McMurray that EVERYBODY has to drive their own truck?

  4. let. car pooling was the best that you could do and is better than taking the coal fired train to work!

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