Round 55

December 2nd, and I’m cycling to work.  I’m a pretty lucky guy.  Growing up in northern Alberta, about the only thing I did outdoors this time of year was snowmobile, ski, and run to and from warm vehicles and houses, cycling wasn’t exactly a common December past time.

The more I cycle, the more I see cyclists.  It’s like when you buy a pair of shoes, or a jacked that you thought were “sooo original”  As soon as you wear those new items out, you see somebody else sporting them.  It feels like I see cyclists everywhere.

Just down my street is a daycare, and at pretty much the same time that I ride by Monday to Friday to get to work, I see a mom unload her two children from the back of some sort of “child wagon” that she pedals them around in.  How cool would that be?  It’s almost enough to make me want kids!

Dave: 55

Global Warming: 0


4 responses to “Round 55

  1. I grew up in Fairfield and my family didn’t have a car until I was seven. Both my parents had kid seats on the back of their bikes and that’s how we got around as a family. I remember being six and my dad picking me up from school to come home for lunch and we were in a hurry and he still had the seat on there for my sister so I crammed my way into it. Victoria’s awesome in that you can have a family and still be car free without too much hassle.

  2. Dave, you are one of my best and oldest friends. You mean the world to me, and there is very little I wouldn’t do for you.

    But as I sit here in -25C weather… I hate you just a little bit.

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