Round 53

1. Climate Change is real.

2. Global Warming is a fact.

If you don’t believe those 2 statements, I might be able to explain why.

I’m currently reading Climate Cover-Up by James Hoggan, and it’s changing my life, much like David Suzuki’s “Green Guide” did.  In fact, it was after finishing The Green Guide that I decided to ride my bike to work every day for a year.  Climate Cover-Up is equally shocking, focused on how big business, and powerful industry lobby groups have spent millions (if not billions) in an effort to confuse people like you and I about the reality of Global Warming.  These groups have used the media unethically (in my opinion) and in all ways imaginable to push their agenda.  Their agenda, if you don’t already know, is to make you and I think that increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere isn’t a bad thing .

(at one point they even made their own video’s!  check out this piece of propaganda)

The most shocking thing I’ve read in the book to date is:

– Scientists first proved the reality of Global Warming and Climate Change in 1858. (John Tyndall)

Global Warming is not a new problem, we’ve known about it for generations.  The question is why haven’t we been doing anything about it?

“some people say the earth is warming.  Some people also said the world is flat”

That’s the kind of reasoning “junk scientists” have been using for decades now, to give you the impression that the research to prove Climate Change isn’t accurate.  Doubt became the starting point.  As soon as enough people doubted the facts, the company’s responsible for financially supporting these lobby groups and junk scientists started to win.

Global Warming reminds me a lot of smoking.  For years, nobody knew that  that smoking was bad for you.   Eventually the science, and facts started to crop up, and it could no longer be denied: Smoking Kills.  The cigarette company’s did all they could to keep the facts away from your eyes as long as possible, so they could continue to sell product and sow as much doubt as possible in the minds of North Americans.  Despite a warning label on all cigarette packaging, some people STILL believe that smoking is not bad for you.

By the time the deniers are finally proven wrong once and for all, I can only hope there will be an earth left to save.

Dave: 53

Global Warming: 0



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