Round 51. Advice from an old timer.

I met a man yesterday named John.  John is a commissionaire at the air-port, and rides his bike all the time. He use to be well over 200 pounds, and now tips the scales at just over 135.  John is a worldly guy:  he use to work in radio for the CBC, he swims everyday, and he has his commercial pilots license (though he’s never used it. He says he got it for the “education”)  He gave me lots advice about “aging gracefully”.  His recommendations are:  Don’t smoke, avoid alcohol, and eat very little fatty foods.  I immediately took a liking to John, because like me, he’s a talker.

His good advice didn’t stop there.  John told me Honda’s “suck” and that they’re made with inferior metal these days (I own a 2006 Honda CRV) he doesn’t approve of the new assisted housing development going up in the Burnside area, and says out of province drivers are making the roads unsafe for cyclists (I’m from Alberta).  John figures people who move to Victoria from “Alberta or Ontario” bring their bad driving habits with them, and make the roads unsafe for cyclists.

I respect John for his honesty, and listened closely to everything he had to say.  At some point in our conversation he used a term regarding cycling that I will never forget:  “you live in a 360 degree world on your bike”  He’s very right.  Especially this time of year, when the rain, clouds and seemingly constant dark, make it difficult for motorists to see cyclists .  In all of John’s years cycling, which tally more than my years on earth, he says the most common cycling accident is a motorist rear-ending a cyclist.  He implored me to pay close attention (if it even makes sense) to that’s going on behind me.

I’m thinking I need to buy one of those mirrors that attach to your helmet and act as a rearview mirror.

Dave: 51

Global Warming: 0


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