Round 48

First off:  Me vs The Bear Mountain 10 km


That was a tough 10k.  I’m going to train for it next year, and try to get in under 50 minutes.  This year, I didn’t prepare, train, or think too much about it.

While riding in this morning, I had this feeling that something about my bike was “off”  The brakes were working fine, the tires were at a good pressure, the seat hadn’t been adjusted, yet I still felt something was wrong. I rode on.

By the time I got to Douglas and Fort I realized what was missing, my front fender.  On the occasion that Lindsay comes to pick me up, I have to put my bike (on it’s side) in the back of my Honda CRV.  My guess is, it came off while being take out, or being put in the car.  I’ll have to scour around for it tonight, because that $12 piece of plastic is a lifesaver when it’s raining:

Dave: 48

Global Warming: 0



6 responses to “Round 48

  1. looking good David Eleanor!

  2. wow Sawchuk – that is a GREAT time! That race is effin hard…I’m really impressed!

  3. Well done!!! You’re a machine, Mr Sawchuk.

  4. dave,

    digging the movember stash!!


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