Round 47…water in the Batcave

Normally when it rains, my basement is fine.  Considering the house is well over 100 years old, that’s impressive.  However, when it rains all day, for several days in a row, like it has, water can get in my Batcave.

After my bike ride home from work today, I opened my backdoor to a puddle slowly growing in size on the concrete floor of my basement.  It had reached about 2 liters throughout the day, but wasn’t too much of a challenge to get cleaned up.  I’ve got a mop in the basement for such a task.  I discovered last year, when it stormed in January, that water can get into the basement, and if it’s not promptly attended to, can become quite the puddle.

With no end in sight for the rain, it looks like small puddles in the basement for the rest of the week, and a full suit-up of rain gear before hitting the road.

I haven’t “tweaked” my brakes like I had mentioned, it seems like they’ve “fixed themselves” over the last day or 2.

Dave:  47

Global Warming: 0


One response to “Round 47…water in the Batcave

  1. the rain gear makes it fun!

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