Rounds 44 and 45

What was I thinking on Friday?  Biking to work every day for a year is plenty of a challenge on days like today, where it rains buckets on me from James Bay to Quadra village.  I was feeling a little over-confident Friday, and for whatever reason, thought I wasn’t doing enough?  I officially retract blog “Round 43”

I bought my bike in the summer of 2001.  Since the purchase date, and before the spring of 2009, I bet I’ve only been on 50 to 75 rides.  Before I challenged myself to cycle to work everyday for a year, I wasn’t spending ANY time maintaining or servicing my bike.  Once a year, I’d take it in for a tune up, and that was enough.

I did take the Prairie Bullet into Oak Bay Bikes for a tune up this spring, but because I ride everyday, I’m experiencing servicing problems that I’m not sure how to handle.  For example, my rear brake isn’t as touch sensitive as it was.  After the tune up, the break would apply with just a slight squeeze, now, I need to squeeze the hand break right down to the grip to apply the breaks to my rear tire.

After some research on youtube, I’ve found something that I think will help.

Dave: 45

Global Warming: 0


One response to “Rounds 44 and 45

  1. i just learned something. keep it up.

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