Round 38 Light my FIRE!

Both my lights are essentially dead.  My front white “lantern” style light, and my rear red “flashing” light don’t cast enough light to scare off a vampire.  I’m at a crossroads, do I replace the batteries, or buy better lights altogether?

When I bought these lights in the first place, I didn’t know much about commuting everyday on a bike.  To me, all lights were essentially the same, so I did what I figure most people would do:  I bought the cheapest thing I could find.  At the time, I didn’t understand the importance of being seen, at a much higher rate than not-seen.  I haven’t had any close calls, thank goodness, but I’m not feeling too confident about my current lights.

I’ve see other cyclists with front “beam” style lights that are so big and bright,  from a distance, you’d think their ten speed was a chevy cavalier.  A month ago or so, I saw one cyclist with a strip of lights, that ran in the spokes of his bike, that flashed 4 or 5 different colors!  As much as I’ve praised Mountain Equipment Co-Op in the past, they fall short when it comes to bike lights.

At MEC they’ve got the basics, and a few lights I’d consider a “step up” but nothing really high-end.  I figure if I’m gonna splurge on 2 things, it should be lights and a helmet.  After all, aren’t they the most important safety features on your bike?  My shopping starts tomorrow.

Because I have to be in Oak Bay for a dentists appointment at 4 tomorrow afternoon, I think a stop in at Oak Bay Bikes would be prudent.

Dave: 38

Global Warming: 0


4 responses to “Round 38 Light my FIRE!

  1. Hey Dave! I saw the link to this blog on twitter… first time I have found something I like on there since I learned John Cleese has pet chickens.

    I want to applaud your fight against global warming! I read all of your posts from day 1 to now this evening and couldn’t help smile as in the back ground on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, Al Gore was a guest…hmm. Our planet may stand a chance after all… you do have allies my friend.

    All this may sound strange coming from a guy with 2 cars but I hope this makes you feel good. I have the new car park for the winter and plan to sell it in the spring (yes… the new one). I understand most people won’t understand what this means but Dave, you will since the first weekend I had it I drove to GP to show it off.

    Anyway, all I really wanted to say was keep up the fight and I know you will win!

    PS. I have to come visit for some eats… that Thanksgiving dinner looked amazing.

    • Cars aren’t evil all the time, Mike. I’m using this year to make up for all the times I could have walked, cycled, car pooled or taken the bus. Thanks for the support, Al Gore and I need all the help we can get these days!

  2. Dave,

    As the greats at Russ Hays once told me, “There are two types of bike lights: those that help you see, and those that help you be seen.” Reflectors and the such are good for the latter so you should try to pick a front light of the bright halogen or LED variety. Plan on spending about $100 and check out eBay and such as well, if not just for researching the technology. The downside to the bigger lights like BLT (although I think they’ve gotten smaller in recent years) is that they’re heavy to lug around, like say all over the shopping centre, because if you leave these on your bike, they will disappear. Good luck with it.

    • I’m sorry…did you say “$100?” My BIKE is hardly worth that. Then again, my life is worth more…so maybe I should just start dropping fome fifties. Thanks, Kat.

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