Round 36

Today was a piece of cake, but tomorrow and Wednesday will be challenges.  A 4:00 am wake up call, for a 5:00 am start at work.  I’m again filling in for Zone Morning Show co-host, and news man, Jason Lamb.  The motivation will be the same as last week:  a thermos of hot coffee in the saddle bags.

Earlier in the summer I had my bike tuned up at Oak Bay Bikes. I could feel the difference right away.  The gears shifted easier, the pedal strokes were smoother, and there were no more “rubbing” or “clicking” sounds coming from my chain, wheels or shifters.  Those days are over, and I’m experiencing some problems again.  It’s strange, with my car, I only ever took it to the shop every 5,000 km for an oil change, or when the “Service” light came on.  With my bike, I’m much more in tune with its performance issues.  I have promised myself a new bike after 1 year of riding to work everyday.  I’m starting to think the “Prairie Bullet” won’t make it that long.

My plan at this point is to “ride it into the ground” and spend as little as possible to keep it on the road.  If new wheels, or other parts become necessary , it’ll be time to splurge on a new bike.  My man at Oak Bay Bikes, Nathan, told me the time to buy is November or January anyway.

Dave: 36

Global Warming: 0


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