Round 31..High Five M.E.C

I cycled to work and back today, no big deal.  I win again, Global Warming.  Ok, to the point.  Customer Service.

Is it just me, or do you rarely feel fulfilled after a run in with a businesses customer service representative?  Normally, when I try to return something, or exchange something, or ask for help, etc. etc. etc.  I’m left with the impression that the company doesn’t really care about me.  For example:  I spent over 45 minutes on the phone (long distance) with Shaw Cable a few weeks back, to straighten out my cable package.  In the end, I changed my package (from what I was told should make me happy) and bought NHL center Ice.  After the experience I thought:  “hold on.  I’ve just had my time wasted, and in the end gave MORE money to the company that did it to me.  Something is not right here”

Well, at Mountain Equipment Co-op on Friday, I was treated like a king.  I accidently bought 2 left rain booties back in August.  They were also a size too small.  I *might* have been in MEC for 10 minutes returning them, and when I left I had 2 new booties (the right size, 1 right and 1 left) and a smile on my face.  They took back the old gear (I did have my receipt) and even apologized for perhaps “confusing me” the day I bought the first set of booties because they may not have been attached together in a pair (1 right and 1 left)  Imagine that, a company APOLOGIZING because one of their customers (me) wasn’t paying attention in the isle and at the till.  That’s customer service to the power of 10.

Dave:  31

Global Warming: 0

Left Rain Booties: 1

Right Rain Booties: 1


3 responses to “Round 31..High Five M.E.C

  1. I’ve always been amazed by MEC. They bend over backwards to make sure you’re happy. Next time I’m going to tell them that wandering around their dried food section made me hungry just to see if they take me for dinner.

  2. Tell them that looking at their canoes reminds you of your childhood, then demand they invent a time machine, exclusively for your use, to go back in time and enjoy a canoe trip with your family.

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