Round 30…two left feet?

Months ago, Literally…months (September 12th to be exact)  I bought rain gear at Mountain Equipment Co-op.  I had no idea our summer would extend into mid October, I was hoping for the best, and planning for the worst (my dad would be so proud) Religiously, I packed the rain gear in my saddle bags to work and home each day, knowing the rain could be just around the corner.

Now the rain is here, and finally I got to slip on my ” over shoe booties” this morning for the ride to work.  At 6 am is was raining BUCKETS.  By 8:30 am things had died down, but there was still enough precipitation to warrant my full cache of rain gear.  I pulled out my rain booties, and realized:  I bought TWO left booties.

So not only did I carry the things around for months, I carried around the technically wrong gear.  Bummer.

I’m off to MEC tonight to exchange them. I can’t wait for this conversation:

Me:  Yea, so I’ve got 2 left booties.  Can I exchange one?

MEC Guy:  Sure.  But why did it take you over 60 days to figure out you had bought the wrong equipment?

Me: I got nothing.

Dave:  30

Global Warming: 0


One response to “Round 30…two left feet?

  1. I ❤ my Mountain Equipment Co-Op rain gear. LOVE it.

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