Round 29 Talk about ironic…

The other day I blogged about the “mental freedom” cycling to work allows me.  The rate of speed, combine with the travel time gives me several minutes to just peddal…and think.  Yesterday I said it was a good thing.  Here’s the flip side.

Today, instead of cycling straight to work, I cycled to the DENTIST for 8 am.  My dentist is in Oak Bay, so I had extra time to let my mind wander this morning.  Because I was headed to the dentist, my thoughts weren’t of puppy dogs wrestling on a water bed, or Shawn Horcoff shocking the hockey world by winning the Art Ross Trophy this season.  No, no.  Instead my mind focused on the chalky taste that seems to live in your mouth hours after the fact, the high pitched “whzzzzzzzzz” that comes from the drill, and everybody’s favorite:  the needle in the cheek.  Needless to say, today’s ride felt very, very long.

The good news:  My dentist, and her entire staff, are nothing short of amazing.  I felt no pain (outside of the needle part) and hardly broke stride when I crossed the thresh hold of the office.  You never wait at my dentist’s office. Somehow, they’ve figured out how to eliminate the “waiting” part of your appointment.

Dave:  29

Global Warming: 0

Cavities: 0


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