Round 28

Biking to work gives me time to think.  It’s not that I’m peddling without thinking when I’m on the road, it’s just that the time it takes to get to and from places on your bike, combined with the average rate of speed, gives my mind lots of time to think about all sorts of stuff.  Stuff like:

a) Why are there different alpha numeric sequences on license plates?

b) Who would win in a fight…Ice Cube or Ice Tea?

c) Why does my dog chew small holes in my underwear when I’m gone for a few days?

I was out-of-town this past weekend, visiting friends and former coworkers in Grande Prairie.  Indy (my dog) stayed at home with Lindsay, and our other dog, Gracey.  I returned home to at least one pair of underwear with a small hole in the front.  I think Indy chews small holes to send me a message.  She wants me to know that the damage could have been worse, and that I shouldn’t make a habit of being away for days at a time.

Dave: 28

Global Warming: 0

Total holes in Underwear: 1


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