Round 26, Denise Savioe has read “The Green Guide” too!

Yes, it’s my second blog today…but I was  day behind…so this squares things up.

In today’s paper, Denise Savoie discusses her private members bill that would provide subsidies for walkers/car poolers/bus riders/cyclists.  It’s a great idea, spawned by The Green Guide.

David Suzuki says that one of the ONLY ways we’re going to convince people to drive less, and cycle/walk/buss more, is to eliminate all the “freebies” motorists get.  Yes.  Motorists get freebies.  The big one is parking.

You bitch now about the price of parking, and the through manner commissioners go about their business now.  Imagine if free parking didn’t exist…anywhere.  We have a 40 car parking lot at The Zone.  Imagine if every single employee was obligated to pay for the pleasure of parking, by law?  That might make a few more people decide to leave the car at home a little more often.

The above example may be taking things a bit too far.  A more realistic first step would be to eliminate free parking at malls.  One of the big things malls have going for them, are GIGANTIC parking lots, that encourage everybody to drive, and park…for free.  If parking was a flat rate of say…$5.  Would you car pool?

I can’t take credit for that idea.  The idea is also in the Green Guide.  That David Suzuki…he’s on it.

Dave:  26

Global Warming: 0

Angry Motorists to date: 1


One response to “Round 26, Denise Savioe has read “The Green Guide” too!

  1. Pay parking makes me leave my car at home! Ever since they started replacing (broken) meters with those money stealing blue robots you bet your face I haven’t parked downtown except at a parkade, for less than an hour with a first hour free coupon. I’ll walk down or take a bike, thanks.

    On a rare occasion I’ll hop the bus, but at $2.25 each way it feels like more than my car costs to run (untrue, a rough estimation of insurance plus maintenance plus gas for the year pegs it higher than $4.50/day) for a trip out.

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