Round 25…it finally happened!

No, not riding in the rain, hopefully that will come today.  The milestone was the first motorist to yell at me!  I knew it was going to happen eventually.  I’ve heard so many stories from other cyclists about drivers yelling at them for “slowing down traffic” or “not signaling right”.  As much as I want to believe that every cyclist I know, has never been wrong on the road, and every tongue lashing they ever got was unwarranted, I know that can’t be true.  In some cases, I sure the motorist was right.  That doesn’t excuse name calling, yelling, etc.  But that’s not the story…this is:

Last night, a middle aged man in a BMW, passed me on my left (in a left hand turning lane, although he didn’t go left, he swerved back right, and blew through the intersection) only to slow down just past the intersection and , wait for me to catch up.  When my bike was flush with the passenger wind of his car, the yelling started.

This gentleman was upset that I was in the middle of the left lane, and if his kids rode their bikes like that, he’d take them away.  He then went on about how I was going to “kill myself” because I don’t have a light on my bike.  There was more, but I couldn’t here it all, over the sound of heavy traffic all around us.

Instead of yelling back, I heard the guy out.  I thought: maybe my light fell off, and crazy-driver-dad is right?  When we got to the upcoming intersection (where I was turning left, which is why I was in the ‘middle’ of that lane to start with) I got off my bike, and sure enough, my light was on my bike, and flashing red (apparently not enough for my new friend)

I look back at the guy, point at the light and politely ask “what is THAT?”

“a toy!” is what he yelled back, before (not signaling) and turning right onto Douglas.

So I’ve been thinking.  Should I NOT have been in that left lane at Blanchard, even if I knew I was going to turn left 150 yards away on Douglas?  I could have stayed all the way to the right the whole time, but by the time I get to Douglas, I may not get the chance to get across 2 lanes, all the way left, to turn left.

I was always taught to “act like a car” when I’m driving my bike on the road.  Is that wrong?

Dave:  25

Global Warming: 0

Angry-Driver-Dad: 0


5 responses to “Round 25…it finally happened!

  1. No, our dad’s were right. A bicycle is a motor vehicle for all roadway laws.

    Maybe it’s an Athabasca thing?

  2. Definitely not an Athabasca thing… (i actually don’t remember people riding their bikes on the road in Atha-B… so it can’t be that). Next time, just grab onto the side of his car and he can pull you… LOL.

    • I’ll keep that in mind, Korrie. This guy was upset about something that night, my guess is he decided to take it out on me. No harm, no foul.

  3. Wow, I can’t believe this happened in Victoria of all places. When I learned how to drive many moons ago, taking cyclists into consideration was part of my training!

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