Happy Thanksgiving!

The only thing I love more than beating Global Warming at its own game, is cooking food for my lovely girlfriend and anybody else who likes to eat.  I spent the majority of the day yesterday, in the kitchen coming up with Thanksgiving dinner.  Instead of a whole turkey, we went with a turkey roast from the Red Barn Market.  They take a turkey breast, and wrap a thigh in it.  You season the whole thing, and bake accordingly.  There is no waste, or mess.  I’m a big fan of the roast:


Here is the finished product.

First, the starter:  Beet Salad with Goat Cheese, Chives and Olive Oil


I changed into my stretch pants for this part.


Clockwise from top left:

a) Mashed Potatoes.  I made these with roasted garlic, fresh dill, and herb and garlic cream cheese.

b) Stuffing.  Because we didn’t cook a whole turkey, I made it in the slowcooker.  Red peppers and pine nuts give it a distinctive and original taste.

c) Roasted Carrots.  Covered in butter and a sprinkle of brown sugar.

d) Turkey.  Delicious.

e) Gravy.  I can’t lie, I didn’t make it from scratch, it was a powder mix.

f) Green Bean Casserole.  Our guests Ron and Lisa brought this dish, made with onion soup mix and almond slivers.  Yummy.


10 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. I wanna give these pictures a slow clap, it looks extra delicious!

    • There’s something the internet can’t do…”Slow Clap” Thanks Rozie! I really put in the work yesterday, and was very impressed with the outcome. Today, I make the leftovers into turkey soup!

  2. sawchuk, you’re a damn good cook. I still remember having that masala halibut at your place. so good. you and adrian should have a cook-off.

    • That masala halibut was unreal, and as delicious as it gets. My friend Johnny was mostly in charge…I can only take partial credit. I may be good…but I’m not in Adrian’s league. He’s a master.

  3. Holy Mackerel, Dave this looks like the greatest Thanksgiving Dinner i have ever seen! You put mothers who have been doing it for twice as long as you’ve been alive to shame! Those potatoes look and sound like they are what Heaven is made out of! NICE!!

  4. Is that you in the photo? Or a cartoon figure that has your every feature.

  5. That salad looks awesome! And now I hate the fact I can no longer eat cheese so much more.

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