Round 22 Another win for the good-guys

“Like taking candy from a baby”  (which I’ve never done by the way) Getting to work and back everyday on my bike is no longer even something I think about anymore.  I just do it.  I thought this feeling would take a few months, turns out, it took 3 weeks.  As I’ve mentioned before, I look forward to cycling into work everyday.  Getting my blood pumping, smelling the cool pacific breeze, and feeling the wind on my face is a lot better than sitting in my car, and slowly choking Mother Nature with exhaust fumes at red lights and cross walks.

When you cycle, you have to be super-alert, or you could be seriously injured.  What would be just a minor ‘fender bender’ if you were in a car, is more than enough to put you on the ‘wrong side of the ground’ on a bike.  I’ve started to train myself to look into the side-view of as many parked cars as possible as I approach them to be sure somebody isn’t going to open a door as I pass, and cause me to go over my handle bars and knock my two front teeth out.

A couple weeks ago, during Rifflandia, Dan and Scott of the “Dudes” were in studio, to talk about how awesome their music is, and how much in general they rule, when we started talking about an unfortunate incident that left Scott very, very, VERY hurt.  The poor guy was biking a long, when just for a second, he took his eye off the road, and his handle bars clipped a parked car.  Bad news.

Scott goes down hard, splits his lip wide open, breaks his nose, knocks out four front teeth, and smashes his head.  Somehow he escaped death, brain injury (at least we think so at this point) a concussion, on and on and on.  I didn’t ask, but I assumed he wasn’t wearing a helmet.  The guys face was  mess…but to his credit, he killed it on stage that night.

Hearing his story (and seeing his face) was enough to wear a helmet at all times, and be super diligent on the road.

Scott is the gentleman in the tie, back when he has all his teeth:

Dudes - Press Photo - small


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