Round 21. It’s a ‘tap in’

I going to give myself the point in advance, and call it 21-0 in my fight against Global Warming.  It’s beautiful outside, and unless I get hit by a bus, today’s ride is in the bag.  What I do want to blog about today is “Bike Bumper Stickers”  you know what I’m talking about right?  They’re stickers, designed for bikes, that act like bumper stickers.  Car bumper stickers come in all shapes and forms.  From the simple, like:  My other car is a Ferrari, to the cheeky: “How come all the cool girls are lesbians”  The problem with bike bumper stickers is, they’re all about the same thing:  they attack people who drive cars, or give the person reading the sticker the impression that they are inferior to people who do use their bike as their primary mode of transportation.  The one I saw today:

“Keep Driving Cars, And We’ll Keep Fighting Wars For Oil”

While there MAY be some truth in that, why do you have to take it upon yourself to ‘attempt’ to educate motorists in such an informal, back-handed, way?  Do you honestly think a motorist, is going to see that sticker, drive home and say to their husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/room mate/dog:

“Hey honey, did you know that North America’s reckless and irresponsible use of oil, causes such a demand for the product that country’s are at war over it?  I read that on a bike today, and now I’m going to start driving less.”

I don’t think so.

The other one I see all the time:  “One Less Car”  At least it’s not accusing motorists of being directly responsible for war, and the unfortunate, destructive consequences of it.

If you’re a cyclist, like I am, you’re free to do as you please.  But in my opinion, if you want to bring  people’s attention to the potential disaster that is our blind thrust and subsequent need for oil, tell them nicely.  Only we can save ourselves.  If you believe in the cause, tell your closest friend, they’ll listen to you.  Start with the people you know, and make a positive change.  You can do it.



7 responses to “Round 21. It’s a ‘tap in’

  1. vancityrockgirl

    i like the “one less car” stickers. it says a lot without saying too much.

  2. Bike away, but wear a goddamn helmet. I saw some dude get hit today and thank god he was wearing his helmet (which subsequently was broken after the accident)…but so many other bicyclists don’t and that irks me.

    But eff you Global Warming and nice work Sawchuk!

  3. We’ve all got to ‘go’ But I sure as hell ain’t gonna be put in the ground by the opening of a car door on Quadra street. I always sport the brain bucket.

  4. I’ve never really thought about how driving a car contributes to the wars fought over the oil I use in it. And I’m not a huge fan of wars (especially for the ownership of a luxury). Definetly something to think about.

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