Round 20 Ride the Goose

I ride my bike to work everyday.  Although I think it would be close, I’m fairly certain that it’s a quicker commute compared to the car.  I live in James Bay, and I work on Quadra Street near Hillside.  It’s not exactly a ‘long haul’  But what if I lived further?

Over the weekend I biked the Galloping Goose. Let me tell you friend, the Goose is nothing short of genius.  It’s shocking how quickly you can go from the Johnson Street bridge, to Wal-Mart on Douglas.  I’m POSITIVE you can do it quicker on a bike, compared to a car, if there is any sort of traffic.  We biked from Johnson Street to Matticks Farm.  We went slow, saw the sights, and took pictures.  It took 45 minutes.  I’ve been told that it’s not tough to do that same distance in less than 25 minutes if your “givin ‘er”

One day, I’d like to own a house.  Chances are, it WON’T be in Victoria.  Now that I understand the power of the Galloping Goose, I’d love to live out-of-town a bit (even in Sydney) close to the Goose.  I could bike 45 minutes to an hour to work everyday, if it meant I saved 35% or more on a house.  Not only would I be saving the environment, I’d be saving money!

The moral of the story:  The Galloping Goose is good.

Dave: 20

Global Warming: 0


2 responses to “Round 20 Ride the Goose

  1. 11 days and you have hit one month….good for you Dave. I have been reading your blog faithfully to see how you are doing with your war against global warming. 11 months and 11 days to go!!!! I am cheering for you!

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