Round 18 Is Global Warming playing the rope-a-dope?

I feel like George Foreman in “The Rumble in the Jungle” I’m peddling, and peddling and peddling…I’ve got Global Warming on the ropes!  I’m throwing bombs! (yet I know the worst is yet to come)

I avoided the rain (again) today, and haven’t felt so much as a drop since I started my “Ride To Work For a Year challenge” more than 3 weeks ago.  When my opponent does eventually come off the ropes, like Ali did October 30th, 1974, I can only hope I can take what he dishes out, and emerge the champ.

On another note, “When We Were Kings” the film about the historic bout is amazing.  It makes you feel sorry for ‘ol George.

Dave:  18

Global Warming: 0


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