Give me a sign! Round 17

I don’t believe in God, fate, ghosts, the Easter Bunny, destiny, witch craft, on and on and on.  Maybe one day I’ll see the Easter Bunny, get spooked by a ghost or have a stranger look at my palm, and tell me something I didn’t already know…but I doubt it.

Today, an interesting coincidence occurred.  A representative from stopped in at the radio station, and dropped off a bag full of retro looking wrist sweat bands, with all sorts of slogans on them.  Sara P picked out these gems for me:

wristband power

I like how they’re green.  I wore them around the office all afternoon, and showed them off to everybody.  On a sad note:  I forgot them at work…so I can’t wear them on the ride tomorrow.  It feels like it’s rained here everyday all week, yet I’m yet to ride in the rain.  In fact, the sun was blazing outside at 5 pm.


3 responses to “Give me a sign! Round 17

  1. I’m glad you liked our goodie bag for you and the zone team. I don’t if you cruised our site but we are also donating proceeds from every sale to charity as well as providing super stylish riding wear with a important message! Thanks for the support guys!

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