Round 16

The days are getting shorter, and the mornings are getting colder.  I rode to work in shorts today, and it took me all the way to Douglas street to warm up.  Not like July, when I’d sweat like a pig, just putting on my helmet!  This summer was HOT.  I remember sweating through my shirt most days, as early as 7:45 am!  We were over 20 degrees by 8 am more times than I can count.  We’re expecting rain tomorrow, and again I’m excited.  I STILL haven’t ridden in the rain yet.  I spent all that money on rain gear over a month ago, and I’ve been packing it ever since…hopefully tomorrow I’ll put it into service!

Dave:  16

Global Warming: 0


One response to “Round 16

  1. that’s funny, all week I’ve scootered in the rain!

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