Round 15

I escaped my first “wet ride” of the season yesterday, because Lindsay came to pick me up at work.  Today is a different story.  The rain is falling, and come 5 o’clock, it’s on.

One of the things that really grinds my gears when I bike to work, is being stuck in traffic RIGHT NEXT to a giant, diesel chugging big rig.  Light turns green and, RRRGGGHHHHHAAAAA!!!!!  Black Smoke everywhere, and I can’t even hear myself think. We both stop at the next red light.  Wait.  Light Turns green and, RRRGGGHHHHHAAAAA!!!!!  This went on for most of Douglas street.  So much for getting a little fresh air on my way to work.

Forecast calls for rain today, Thursday and Friday.  This fight is about to get messy.  Oh, and don’t forget…Mother Nature isn’t on your side Global Warming, it just seems that way.

Dave: 15

Global Warming: 0


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