Round 14, it’s on.

I’d like to thank Mother Nature for all her support.  Her help in the first month has made a big difference.  Not having to pedal to work or home ONE day in the rain has made getting this journey off on the right foot that much easier.  You’re the best Mother Nature!

Now it’s on.  September 28th, and finally the gloom, gray and rain are here.  Time to test my metal. Just a few showers this afternoon, and I have to make a stop before I get home…at The Do It Center on Cook street.  I need to buy some flexible lattice for the morning glory growing at the front of my house.  If I don’t give it someplace to grow, it grows all over my hydraingia…and chokes it to death.  Morning glory is like my dad, if I don’t give it work to do, it’ll just start “working” on the first thing it finds.


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