What DOES that part do? Round 13

The weather continues to kick-ass, and as a result the commutes to and from work are almost TOO easy to even talk about…which I guess, is a small success.  A few months ago, before I decided to ride my bike to work every day for a year, I looked at the 15-20 minutes it took me to get to work as a “downer”, now it’s just part of my morning….like putting on clean underwear.

Early last week, the “face plate”  for the front gears of my bike fell off.  (is that what you call the big round things with the prongs sticking out of them at the front that you pedals are attached to? “gears?”)

I’m starting to think it’s an important piece, because recently, as I shift into a lower gear, on a bigger sprocket, the chain will come off.  It’s not fun to have to re-align the gears on your bike every other day pulled over on Douglas st., because you rhands get greasy.  Anyway, I think I’ll find a way to put that piece back on, because I’m starting to think it’s important.

Dave: 13

Global Warming: 0


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