Round 12, Mother Nature loves me.

The beautiful weather continues in the capital region.  We’re nearly in October, and I haven’t had to dawn the rain gear once!  Mother Nature wants me to win! The load was a little heavy to work today, due to be bringing along my squash gear for an afternoon game.  It all fits in the bags, except for the racket.  It sticks out like the plunger, but less ridiculous (slightly).

Dave: 12

Global Warming:  0


2 responses to “Round 12, Mother Nature loves me.

  1. Much like David Suzuki, I think I’ll be following you Dave Sawchuk. I must admit that I always pull for the underdog and at this point I am hoping that Global Warming can squeak out a point or two.

  2. You never know, Alex. It’s a long fight, and at this point, I’m the “real” underdog…thanks for your vote of confidence. The goal is to hold Global Warming to zero.

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