Is That a PLUNGER in your Pannier Bag? Round 11

Thought from yesterday:

“I think my fight against Global Warming is turning into a handicap match, 2 on 1 style.  Thanks Mother Nature for the great weather”  I’m rockin’ shorts, and just a long sleeve under the riding jacket, because it’s so beautiful.  I know the rain, clouds, and cold will come…but for now, I’s fun to pretend it’s May again!

Ok, “The Plunger”

There are two kinds of cyclists on the road every morning headed to work.   1) The kind  that ride gorgeous bikes, tricked out with cool streamlined, state of the art nick-nacks with perfect peddle strokes.  These people have tinted riding sunglasses, clip-pedals and sleek, form-fitting, riding gear that shines like diamonds.

b) Guys with plungers in their Pannier Bags.

let me tell you, if you ever want to put some strange looks on peoples faces, everybody from bus drivers, to soccer moms, jam a plunger in your pannier bag for the ride home, then again to work.  Turns out, Lindsay’s dog Gracy, isn’t feeling too well.  (I wish this story was about how she could use the toilet, and as a result she plugged it, but it’s not) My neighbor Ron, stopped in on the dogs yesterday, to discover than Gracey had an accident or 2, in the house.  Like the real man that he is, Ron cleaned up the mess, and while flushing the evidence, the toilet plugged.  So there I am, at 7 o’clock last night biking home with the bright orange handle of a plunger in plain view.

Dave: 11

Global Warming: o


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