What did I REALLY learn in Public School? (Round 10)

To be honest, the short answer to that question is: “lots”  Seriously.  In fact, sometimes I’m stunned at the amount of information I’ve been able to retained over the past 10 years from Mrs. Anderson’s English 30 class, or Mr. Hartly’s Chemistry 30 labs.  Here’s the thing: of all the things I learned in Public School, I learned NOTHING about the environment.  Fact.  As I was biking home today (it’s the perfect weather by the way, warm enough for shorts, and cool enough to keep you from breaking a sweat) I started to think about that fact.  Sure, Shakespeare is important, and the ability to divide complex fractions is something I use everyday (insert sarcasm here) not once, did public school tell me that I could make infinite choices to save the environment, effect climate change, and defeat Global Warming.  I can only hope things have changed.  All this enviroment stuff is really getting to me.  You know how I know?

Watching Monday Night Football tonight, as the announcers talked about somebody’s incredible ability to do something athletic, the shot on TV was  from a blimp that showed the stadium full of people.  Instead of being excited to watch the 4th quarter of a tight game, all I could think about were all the cars in the parking lot.  Why can’t people carpool, or take public transit?  No I hate Dolphin fans.

Dave: 10

Global Warming:  zero


2 responses to “What did I REALLY learn in Public School? (Round 10)

  1. Ride a Bus, Dolphin Fans!

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