Round 9 (chilly hands)

I should have taken Jeremy’s advice, and bought gloves last week when I splurged on rain gear.  I biked to work Friday, and when I got up to top speed, my hands got cold.  This morning, as I walked the dogs, my hands got real cold.  Fall is here my friends, and winter isn’t far behind.  Today, because I’m glove less, I’ll be protecting my paws with bright red baseball hitting gloves.


2 responses to “Round 9 (chilly hands)

  1. Just wait until it starts snowing. …Actually, riding in snow isn’t terrible; slows you down, but it’s doable. When it’s ACTUALLY snowing you literally can’t see, not great, but it’s got nothing on the sleety aftermath that will make you the wettest, dirtiest dude in the office (with or without rain gear) I guarantee. Also, brakes don’t work. WEEE!

  2. nickname897238623

    Stop killing the romance! I want to believe that those white-out rides will build “soul” and “character”

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