Spilly Cyclist (Round 8)

Riding my bike to work is one of my favorite parts of the day.  Those 15-19 minutes fly by, and they feel like a solid investment in my body, and mind.  Riding home is another story, for another blog…something tells me I’ll have lots of time to rehash the subject before September of 2010.

While driving to work takes less time than cycling, I can’t say I miss those few extra minutes…but what I do miss are the few advantages driving use to afford me. For example:

a) I didn’t have to change outfits when I got to work.

c) I could do my hair (wearing a helmet puts limits on how much you can do with your hair, trust me)

d) I didn’t have to tie up my shoes

e) I could drink coffee

I’ve been able to adjust to a,b,c and d…but e?  I’m having trouble with.  I’ve discovered that I rarely drink coffee at home in the morning, I drink it on the way somewhere.  It seems like every morning since I threw down the gauntlet against Global Warming, I’m “chugging” my coffee to get out the door, and onto my bike in time for work.  Today I decided that I’d try to relive my “car days” and drink coffee while I rode to work!  What a mistake.

The act of throwing your weight over a bike, while you hold a travel mug of steaming hot coffee, is just down right dangerous, not to mention messy.  Never mind taking a sip from that mug, with one hand, while you try to down-shift up the gradual incline of Menzies Street towards Douglas.  I nearly hit a parked car.  Twice.

I did manage to drink the whole mug, but I’m lucky enough to be here to tell you about it.  Looks like I’ll have to learn to get up early enough to not only MAKE the morning coffee, but DRINK it before I leave.

That said, I SWEAR I’ve seen peoples bikes with (what seems to be) beverage holders strapped to the handlebars.  Is this just my imagination, or what?

Dave: 8

Global Warming: 0


5 responses to “Spilly Cyclist (Round 8)

  1. my solution to morning coffee – brew it in the office first thing. a coworker and i throw a pot on as soon as i get in every morning. you’re just checking email and surfing the web, anyway.

  2. I swear to God, Matt: a family of possums live in the coffee maker here at work. As a result, the possums are happy, and the coffee sucks.

  3. take control of that situation! or get a french press…?

  4. Dave,
    You really need to get a thermos (and a french press). Then you can grind some beans, brew a delicious pot of coffee, thermos it up and go to work. The thermos will keep it hot til you get there. Trust me. Good investment. Work coffee taste like evil.

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