Oh, Boy! It’s RAINING!!!!!! (round 7)

When I looked though the window this afternoon at 4:00 pm and saw that it was raining “cats and dogs” I was so excited I nearly puked!

Rain = Excitement.

How backwards is that for a kid who grew up CRYING on nights little league was rained out, and is currently riding his bike to and from work everyday?  Rain should be the enemy now, like it was in grade 5.  But things have changed…slightly.

Over the weekend I spend $160.00 on new rain gear (and saddle bags) for the “Prairie Bullet” and I’m dying to test it out!  I figured today was my day for sure…but alas, it was not to be.  The rain let up by 6:30 pm, and the ride home was on 99% dry pavement (although I did spy a few rogue puddles, and went out of my way to plough through them to test the new fenders)

I know it’s going to be wet November through March, and there is no doubt I’ll remember to hate the rain again, but for now, I really want to test out the new gear, and feel Mother Natures wrath as I battle Global Warming on the bike ride home.  Just for fun, I put the rain pants on…hoping, with fingers crossed, the sky’s would open up on me as I got onto Douglas.  No Dice.

I bet I looked dumb biking home, under clear sky’s, with my rain pants on.

Dave: 7

Global Warming: 0


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