Mmmmmm, Smokes! (round 6)

You know what ruins my bike ride to work?  when I stop at a red light, and while I zoom past a car, I catch the scent of cigarette smoke.  Puke.

That is all today.  I’m sick.  There I said it. I have a cold, and it’s difficult for me to focus on work, because I feel like my head is full of water.  I promise a good blog tomorrow.

Running score:  6-0


2 responses to “Mmmmmm, Smokes! (round 6)

  1. dude, Global Warming fired back with some cigarette smoke AND your sick so that makes commuting on bike less fun. I say recount that score… 5-1

  2. nickname897238623

    Forget that! I should get an extra point for the hardship. If anything, the new score should be 7-0!

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