“On a steel horse I ride” Round 5

Since I decided that I want to beat Global Warming, my bike and I have taken our relationship to the next level.  I no longer “want” my bike to work everyday, I “need” it to.  Or I walk.

Since I came to that realization, I’ve been finding myself treating my bike with more respect.  I’ve also given her a name:  “The Prairie Bullet”  I can’t take total credit for the name.  A guy I use to work with, years ago, who rode his bike to work everyday called his the same name, until the day it was stolen!  Hopefully there’s no bad karma in the moniker.

As promised in an earlier blog, I did spend a little money over the weekend to prepare myself for “winter” riding.  Check out the new Fenders, and Bike Rack:


I’m proud to say, I installed everything myself too! (although I did have to go back to MEC, with my bike, to get some help)


Today was a bit of a “huffy-puffy” ride.  I’ve got a bit of a cold, so I can’t breath though my nose, and learning how to peddle with my new bags.

5-0.  Global Warming has a “rubber arm!”


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