Round 4: SOULS OF DEATH 1 (on tape)

One of the cool things about biking to work everyday, besides kicking Global Warmings’ Lilly-ass, is the closeness you experience with your surroundings.  In a car, sure you “see” everything, but there’s still a barrier separating you from nature, and often you’re going too fast to appreciate all that nature your killing!  On your bike, the smells are everywhere, and you can (literally) reach out and touch stuff.  Sometimes that stuff is AWESOME.  Read on.

When I leave early for work (which is RARE, believe me) I bike slower, and try to “smell the roses” if you will.  This morning, while I comfortably cruised by a house just down the street, I noticed a box of “free stuff” in the lawn.  If I were in a car, there would be no way I would stop to check it out, but because I was cycling, I “pulled over” to take a gander.

Inside was the usual “free stuff” you find everywhere else.  Candle sticks, a few books, empty tins, and an old pair of shoes (with no laces)  The box this morning also had tapes.  Remember tapes?  Call me crazy, but I miss the ambient sounds a tape use to make.  Like when you rattled it around just slightly in it’s case, or the sound of “popping a tape” into your stereo, or even that high-pitched whine of rewinding.  I miss it.

Anyway, one of the tapes in the box was a mix tape titled:  “SOULS OF DEATH 1”  I had to have it.  Here’s the track listing:

Sarcofago – Midnight Queen

Death – Secret Face

Malevolent Creation – Peace by Piece

Brutal Truth – Birth of Ignorance

Cemetery – Dead Red

Entombed – Crawl

Entombed – Severe Burns

Napalm Death – The World Keeps Turning

Bolt Thrower – Dying Creed

Death – God Of Thunder

Side B

Paradise Lost – As I Die

Tiamat – Clouds

Forced Entry – Apathy

Sepultra – Orgasmatron (best song title, EVER)

Bolt Thrower – The Iuth (sic) Crusade

Cynic – Uriboric Forms

Filthy Chistins (sic) – Party and Fight For Your Right

Atheist – Your Life

Atheist – Retribution

Massacre – From Behind

Immolation – No Forgiveness

I’m the Music Director at a Modern Rock radio station.  Fact.

I have heard of only one of these bands (Sepultura) Fact.

The tape was obviously a gift, because inside the jacked is the hand written message:  “For You, From Me”  How sweet.

Sadly (and ironically) , the only tape player I have access to is in my CAR!  So I’ll have to fire this tape up on the weekend some time.  Maybe when Lindsay and I are on a nice drive to Goldstream Park this weekend.

Update on Rain Gear:

I did not hit up Mountain Equipment Co-Op yesterday for rain gear or saddle bags.  I was in a rush to get home to watch the football game.  I might squeeze that in this weekend.

Dave: 4

Global Warming: 0


2 responses to “Round 4: SOULS OF DEATH 1 (on tape)

  1. that tape is magical! and there are tape players in the radio station. Maybe I’ll give yo a tutorial on how to use it! ha.

  2. Again Emergency Poncho… Small and compact for the days it is “Suppose” to be nice “ALL DAY” but when you get off of work it is raining cats and dogs… Slip on this puppy (no pun intended) and away you go…. Arriving at home nice and dry! Trust me, you’ll love it!

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