Round 2

It’s almost as if Global Warming “knew” the 1 year challenge officially started yesterday…because today, it was a little rainy.  Nothing too serious, but if I don’t get rain gear, and a fender for my bike, it’s gonna get MESSY when winter comes.  Right now, I’m rollin’ in shorts, and a Running Room running jacket.  A few extras for the bike are going to be very necessary when winter comes.  Any tips?  I’m thinking about dropping into MEC later this week.

The ride today was a rushed one, because I was late.  I was late, because my morning “dog walk” with Indy and Gracy went long.  It went long because Gracy crawled into a grove of trees and brush near the dog park (as she often does) but this time when she emerged from the wet leaves and grass, she was covered in shit.

Yes.  Shit.  “People Shit” I’m guessing.

There are some questionable characters who frequent the tree patches in and around Beacon Hill Park, and I’m guessing, Gracy accidentally stumbled into somebody’s “bathroom”.  Awesome.

So before I could ride to work, I had to hose her down in the yard, using a half bottle of Sunlight to get her clean. Gross.

Anyway, in the marathon battle of Me Vs. Global Warming, the running score is:  2-0.

My lead is growing.


3 responses to “Round 2

  1. This is awesome, Dave! Good show on a totally worth-while battle, i hear Global Warming wears old ladies under-pants, you can totally kick its ass!!

    Also thanks for constantly making me both want to and NOT want to own a dog simultaneously.

  2. For the time being…until winter…two words that you are going to love…Emergancy Poncho. You know what I mean! lol Great blog by the way!

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