Dave vs. Global Warming

That’s right, Global Warming…”let’s dance”.

On paper, it’s hardly a fair fight.  Global Warming is a powerful, mystic opponent, that can destroy fresh water, pollute the air we breath, and rape the land of natural resources.  Conversely, I’ve never been in a fight.  There was that one time I made David Dool’s nose bleed in elementary school, but it was because I threw a softball when he wasn’t looking and….BANG!  Right in the kisser. But anyway.

The Vegas line would read:  100,000,000,000 t0 1 in favor of Global Warming.  Heck, I wouldn’t even pick me, and I know me!  I’ve got lots of piss and vinegar.  I like to win.  I’ve got heart!  But not even all of that could give me a fighting chance.

The only way to make this “fair” is for Global Warming to “handicap” the fight.  Kind of like when I was a kid, and my dad would play without a goalie in  rod-hockey.  In this case, I will beat Global Warming if I bike to work everyday, for a year.  Here are the ground rules:

1.  I bike to work (Monday to Friday) everyday of 1 year.  Starting today.

2.  I am allowed to be picked up from work (on occasion) because the nature of my work sometimes means I need to quickly move around during the day.  However, let the record show, it is my goal to bike home from work as well.

3.  I am to blog about my ride everyday, and hope that somebody will read it, and pick their own fight with Global Warming.

It’s officially on.  The running scorecard reads:

Dave: 1

Global Warming: 0


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