Men, don’t fight the Universe.

Any man worth his salt loves to BBQ.  That’s just the way of the world, it’s a fact.  I’ll go a step further: If at any point in your life, you meet a man who claims to not care about BBQ’ing, call him a liar for me, then kick him in the shin.  My guess is he won’t be man enough to challenge you to a fight after the assault.  The primal act of charring meat on an outdoor fire for the purpose of consumption as part of any sort of ritual (or party) is why men were put on this earth in the first place, to fight that, is to fight the universe.  In a fight between any man I know and the universe, I’ll take the universe every time.

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting, and chatting with Andrew of  “Fat Daddy’s” this afternoon.  Andrew is the brains behind the restaurant,  and to date, makes the tastiest pulled pork I’ve ever had.  It was so juicy and flavorful it melted in my mouth like cotton candy, it was like the pork took on some sort of velvet quality.  If/When you’re ever in the vicinity of Fat Daddy’s, do yourself a favor, and head in for a pulled pork sandwich.  The recipe has been in the family for generations, direct from the “Deep South”

Check it: Fat Daddy’s


One response to “Men, don’t fight the Universe.

  1. morningaftershow

    the hours at Fat Teddy’s are a little exclusive. 11AM till 2PM… and the price range $15-$30… wow. this better be some very special pork!

    you are so right about our nature. BBQ for life!

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